Enchanted (Yellow Silk Dreams)

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Read more. It's Not Junkie-Town Anymore. June 08, What a night! There we met a few artists who were showing work, and some that are starting up a printmaking studio with public access.

Enchanted Conversations

I'm so excited to use the studio myself, and for an extra bonus Beautiful place! We all walked through the growing throngs to my friend Morgan Pasinski's studio. We visited her studio last month, but this was the Grand Opening, and she had new work displayed. My favorite is this fantastic Octopus painting. I love the circles in the background, as if he'd wrapped his tentacles around the piece.

Taylo Swift - Enchanted / Wildest Dreams (1989 World Tour)

Best Surprise! August 25, Just in time for its one-year birthday my little book about a girl in the woods is on its way to other continents and new adventures. At first glance, the embellishments in ButterSilk fiber look somewhat similar to traditional sari silk fiber, but instead of it all being individual tangled threads, this silk has been pulled and carded in such a way that it is fluffy and easy to spin.

I spend hours and hours doing this by hand to ensure that each batch is both unique and pristine.

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The small amounts of sparkle are added to give you an iridescent fiber that truly looks like a butterfly's wings. You can spin it by itself, or better yet, make some wonderful batts and rolags with it! This is THE best material for a creative, one of a kind art yarn. You can also use it for an incredible felted project!

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  • Sandwich ButterSilk between two cobweb thin layers of wool for an artistic nuno felted piece - let your imagination take you where it will! You can also use this wonderful silk fiber in other crafting projects, such as doll-making, scrapbooking, paper making, and more! It is also amazing for felting, and you can be as creative as you want to be with this wonderfully soft silk fiber.


    Due to the nature of ButterSilk, each batch is a little bit different. Expect natural variations!

    You will likely get a good variety with each order. We are happy to ship all over the world and do not want to over-charge you. Brand of the week.

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    Stay Social. Get in touch. Want something custom dyed? Let us know, and we'll bring your vision to life.

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    We guarantee you'll love it! Add to wishlist. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.