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Department of Labor forecasts healthy growth in the neighborhood of 8 to 9 percent over the next decade. Jobs associated with building and rebuilding roads, bridges, water, and the power grid are expected to grow by double-digit percentages — faster than the overall economy. What should you do? Where should you go for information?

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In one of the Republican presidential debates, Sen. Your membership in AWS arms you with the latest industry news and intelligence, valuable networking connections and comprehensive educational resources that can fast-track your career. Join Now Renew. American Welding Society.

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What's Trending Welding Journal. Products and Services Catalog. Become a Skilled Tradeperson The demand for most trades is strong and getting stronger. Don't know the district number? According to Reynolds, these houses, whose walls require 70, cans in all, can be built as much as 20 percent cheaper than conventional homes. Smoke and gas from the burning of discarded automobile batteries pours into the sky near Houston, Texas, in July of Day becomes night when industrial smog is heavy in North Birmingham, Alabama, as on this day in July of Sitting adjacent to the U.

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Pipe plant, this is the most heavily polluted area of the city. Signs crowd the roadway in this Las Vegas street scene, shot in May of A train on the Southern Pacific Railroad passes a five-acre pond, which was used as a dump site by area commercial firms, near Ogden, Utah, in April of The acid water, oil, acid clay sludge, dead animals, junked cars and other dump debris were cleaned up by several governmental groups under the supervision of the EPA.

Some 1,, gallons of liquid were pumped from the site, neutralized and taken to a disposal site. Two youths in Uptown, Chicago, Illinois, a neighborhood of poor white southerners, in August of The tunnel is 1, feet below the surface and one-and-a-half miles from the elevator shaft that brings the miners to and from work. One of several highrise apartments whose construction was stopped by city ordinance to preserve Breezy Point Peninsula in Queens, New York, for public recreational use.

Photo taken in May of A crowded Hollywood freeway, seen in California in May of A "closed" sign appears in front of this Portland, Oregon, gas station in June , due to a gasoline shortage.

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From the National Water Quality Laboratory, a June , photo of the severely deformed spine of a Jordanella fish, the result of methyl mercury present in the water. An experimental wind tunnel device built at Colorado State University, seen in June of Smoke is piped into this model of the city of Houston, allowing scientists to study the effect of buildings and city layout on velocity and direction of smog dispersion.

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The experimental vehicle is designed to operate at speeds up to miles per hour, using electro-magnetic forces for noiseless propulsion. Cars were jammed even more than usual into every spare space at a downtown commercial parking lot during a bus strike in Washington, District of Columbia, in May Some , people were forced to find alternate forms of transportation.

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Monumental traffic jams resulted as drivers learned there were more cars than legal places to park. To the south is the landfill area of the proposed Liberty State Park -- which was built and opened in A sidewalk in the Bronx becomes a playground for these youngsters, in April of This house off Route , near Cadiz, Ohio, has had its windows and doors knocked out, legally qualifying it as "derelict.

Chicago's Polish Downtown, Illinois (Images of America Series)

A dead duck mired in a five-acre pond filled with acid water oil and acid clay sludge in April of Unwary animals that came to the pond and were covered with the liquid were unable to survive. It was later cleaned up under EPA supervision. A Crown Zellerbach pulp mill dumps solid waste into a pond it formerly used for log storage in June of An abandoned "Giant Slide" at Coney Island marks the decline of the area's recreational use in May of A dust storm rises over Phoenix, Arizona, on Labor Day, No rain had fallen in the area for days.

A couple in the waves of Galveston Bay, Texas, in May of An aerial view of old cars secured along a bank of the Cuyahoga River to prevent erosion at Jaite North of Peninsula, Ohio, near Cleveland, seen in September of