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You may also consider hand-sewing a large straight stitch with embroidery floss and using that to gather instead of your machine my thread broke on one of my pumpkins. Either way will work. This is as tight as I could pull my bobbin thread with the upholstery fabric. Tie your thread ends together and turn it in-side out again. Place the gathered end in your sewing machine and stitch to close. You may also choose to hand-sew the opening closed with embroidery floss.

Once you have stuffed your pumpkin, pull the bobbin thread from your other gathering stitch to begin to close the opening. Take your twine and wrap it around the pumpkin very tightly. Do this as if you were wrapping a present. Loop it around, then cross-over, around and cross-over. You will cross-over at the top and bottom of the pumpkin. Go back and forth until you have sections on each pumpkin.

Finish by simply tying in a knot. You may need to slide the twine around until you have even look sections — just work it until you like the look. Next you will need to make your stems and leaves. I made each stem a different size, so just cut out whatever shape you like from your brown felt. I also machine stitched on top of the felt to add some texture. Place both stem pieces together right-sides together and stitch around the curve leave the straight-side open. Cut out two to three leaves per pumpkin. I did mostly brown leaves and a couple tan ones.

Again, I machine stitched veins onto the brown felt with brown thread. This is your opportunity to be creative……cut your leaves out in any shape or size that you like. Mine were all different. Next hand-sew your stem and leaves to the top of each pumpkin. There is no special technique here. Just place the leaves where you like and stitch away. You can certainly skip the stitching on the stem and the leaves, but I think it adds a more realistic feel to the pumpkins.

For a final finishing touch, I took a bunch of deep red and green berries and added them to the top of each pumpkin. I cut the bunch apart and wrapped two wire pieces around each stem. To make the curls, wrap the wire around a pen or pencil. On a couple of the tan leaves, I hand embroidered some detail. I like the contrast between the tan leaves and the brown ones. I could just squeeze them!


Love It? Share It! Receive posts via email. Friday Share. The Cottage Mama Clothing Labels. September 20, at PM. Those are adorable! Ralna says. AmyB says. BeBe Gear says. Cathy says. Anna says. Tanya Life in 3D says. The Noalls says. September 21, at AM. These are really, truly cute. Great job, and very creative! Jenifer says. Katie Not Just Decorating says. Sherry No Minimalist Here says. Paige says. September 21, at PM. Tracy F. Nancy says. September 22, at AM. KatieJ says. Alison says.

I absolutely love these! Joyfully Yours says. MessyMissy says. September 22, at PM. Kim says. What a great tutorial, these are so cute. I like your attention to detail. September 23, at AM. Nicole says. Love these! Ariane says. September 23, at PM. Tammy says. September 24, at AM. Just fabulous! Love those pumpkins. Following, found you through New Friend Friday. Lisa says. September 24, at PM. Blessings, Linda. Sew Many Ways September 25, at AM. Anneliese says. September 27, at PM. BOWquet says. September 28, at AM. Brie says. October 1, at AM. Laura says. October 1, at PM. Mary says.

October 3, at AM. Liz says. October 8, at PM. Catherine says. July 29, at PM. Linnea says. September 8, at PM. I love these!! Cannot wait to give them a try this year, thanks for the tutorial! Heather says. September 10, at AM. October 9, at PM. November 3, at PM. Marcy Beth Regan says.

November 8, at AM. I posted a craft almost just like yours! Gloria says. December 3, at AM. Bobbie S says. Anna Perini says. I hate the style of clothes that are available for our young girls. I enjoy your comment. While it is higher than other developed countries, it is not on the rise.

They can, in fact, do better about this. This causes a battle with her because she prefers the girl colors purple is her favorite , sparkles, and other ornamentation on her shorts. Congrats and thank you. I am terrified every time I have to shop for my 4 year old. Waaay too much sexualization out there.

One other gripe: Long-sleeved shirts, even for winter, for girls are frustratingly lightweight. I ended up at Sears in the Laura something or other section where the clothes were more conservative. I refuse to buy shorts for my daughter that are too short. The seams are not reinforced, the fabric is more flimsy, and as you have pointed out, there is less of it. Thank you for pointing this out. You have done a huge service for all mothers. We do not want mini-prom dresses that scoop down to here and are up to there for Christmas and Easter dresses.

What happened to the options for a beautiful, red, traditional Christmas dress with sleeves for girls past age 2, and on up to age 18 that are not ugly mini versions of cocktail or prom dresses? Target goes from 6X to slut in a blink… Stopped buying shorts here years ago. I applaud your efforts and getting their attention. Dear Target- This is the main reason I quit shopping at your store. I would love to come back though so thank you for listening! Please sell shorts and skirts that are long enough for junior sizes too.

Tankinis or one piece that actually allow girls to move and SWIM without worrying about losing their top! Love what you are doing! Can you also tell Target that little girls do not need high heels?!? Saw several pairs when I was there yesterday! What are they thinking?!? Love this. Love that you wrote the piece in the first place and even more that you got the reaction you did from Target. Reader comment, btw, was hilarious. We want to start our girls off as strong women without body issues. Great post. I think what you have started is a great way to get stores and designers to rethink what they are selling for toddlers.

I also am an avid Target shopper. Love love love Target. My daughter is by no means obese she is average Nd healthy but she does have hips and thighs unlike some children. Once she reached 3. The shorts were tight and the shirts were to tight only in the arm seam weird that shirts seams. I will also keep an eye on my Target. At the beginning of the summer, I went shopping to find shorts for my tiny toddler. I found one style that was acceptable at Target in the girls section, and there was only one color available in her size.

I also went to Walmart, where there was not a single pair that had any sort of an inseam. For our older daughter 7 years , I will buy bermudas when I see them, but they are few and far between, and rarely available in all sizes. The only place I have found bermuda shorts for the baby is at the consignment shops. It seems like they are not available in stores these days. Thank you for what you did and working with Target. Have you heard of Girls will be? They make great longer shorts with pockets for girls.

I would love to see their products and similar products at target and kohls. Or are they just barely hanging in? It makes me sad. I used to love Target. Retailers need to pay attention, as do the fashion designers. They are guilty of continuing the stereotypes. I completely agree from adifferent perspective. I have spotted shopping at Target for my tween because it is hard to find clothes that are just clothes for her.

Nice, simple, covering clothes. If boys want to where clothes that sort of look like girls clothes the can and if girls want to where boys want to where girls clothes they can. I totally agree with what u r saying my daughter is 7 and wears a size 8 and the shorts that fit r so short they ride up and uncomfortable.

They make the kids seem older than they are. We I buy shorts I try to find the longest I can. My kids r so skinny the bigger the shirt the messier they look.

Knitting: Mermaid Cocoon Knitting Pattern | knit | Knitting patterns, Knitting, Newborn photo props

And make the jeans a little longer. People r getting taller now a days. I rarely so at Target anymore, but not for this reason. With that said, I honestly never had this much trouble finding age appropriate clothing for my daughter. I hate that so many moms now have trouble outfitting their girls. I hope Target makes a change to make life for the little ladies easier!

They want these girls to dress like they are 16 going on Girls should dress like girls and not street walking teenagers. Why are they trying to sex our girls this way? I HATE it. Hope they change! Same in the UK. I also have a near 11 year old daughter who needs size 13ish clothes. Boys clothes for the same season cover both midriff and arms. I has to search online to buy my daughter shorts for kindergarten this year. Her shorts are so cute and stylish too.

Wish we could fund that in the stores. And she says the are more comfy too! Kudos to you for speaking up and to Target for listening. You use just go in and look for the shortest clothes they have because we get several denim and other shorts from Target and Walmart and none of them looked anything like what you were representing for them.

Sadly, I actually did not take the shortest shorts off the rack. There were shorter ones that went up on the sides, leaving the crotch as the lowest part. The rack I pulled these from were the only denim shorts offered at the moment in my Target. I did take pictures with other shorts too. None of them were any better. I used these in the post because they were the closet fabric to the shorts offered for the boys. True, in season they do sometimes offer Bermuda length shorts. Also, I do not represent Target. The clothes they put on the rack represent themselves. Longer shorts, and higher waists!!

It also shows their but Crack all, the, time. So unflattering…. Hopefully more places that just Target will listen. Though, it is good to know that soon I will have at least one place to find decent clothes for my girls. I actually think the girls clothes are cute and like how they look in them. But I agree that because not everyone thinks that there should be a choice about it and not just one style available.

Thank-you for getting this some attention. It has been hard for years to find shorts for girls and young ladies. What happened to regular shorts. We all know the ones — they cover a bottom and upper leg but stop somewhere around mid-thigh for comfortable movement and heat avoidance. So thrilled to hear that Target is being responsive.

Maybe they could adjust the boys while they are at it. Or maybe we could get a different name for those knee length things that are available for the boys. Knickers perhaps? Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad that you are getting so much media attention on this important issue and working with Target. I am certain that other vendors will have to respond once they start selling more clothes. I have been so frustrated with the selection of shorts and skirts for young girls.

My daughter gets irritated because I buy her so many capris, but the shorts are just too short. And even if the skirts have shorts under them, they are the super-small inseams like you have shown above and still show off her panties, and the skirts are too short. I struggle between keeping her modestly dressed and letting her wear the fun clothing she likes.

Parents should not have to struggle like this. And she is only 8. God help me when she hits the tween years! Let my voice be added to all the others: We want our little girls to dress like girls, NOT like women. That goes for tweens and teens as well. They are still children and should not be dressing to show off their bodies as if they were grown women.

Again, thank you for your efforts! Yes, I said inappropriately…. I have to first start off by saying I never comment on these types of things, but I am so sick of our little girls being pushed by stores to wear inappropriate and over sexualized clothing. They are little girls! Thank you for this very refreshing outlook! Thank you so much for addressing these things. My mother-in-law loves to buy clothes for my 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Unfortunately, my son gets Bermuda shorts and polo shirts, while my daughter gets tight short-shorts and tight tank tops and tee shirts.

That is because that is all she can find in the colors that my daughter likes. Odd how my son can wear his clothes to church, and my daughter cannot. I have also noticed that as my daughter grows, she tends to plump up a bit before she shoots up. When she plumps up, her chest area plumps up a little too and those tight shirts show everything.

Not good for a six year old. I have actually had disagreements with my mother-in-law about whether something was a dress or a shirt. She said that it was a dress and was on the dress rack. However, when my daughter tried it on, it barely covered her behind and when I told her she had to wear leggings with it, she became upset.

Thank you so much! I would love to see toddler and little girls clothes that are similar to the clothing from Hartstrings. Their clothes look like kids clothes. Beautiful article Thank you for writing it!!! And trying to find age appropriate clothes for her was and still is tough! And it should not be so hard! I would love to see more long shorts and skirts! Maybe you got there too late in the season??

I bought super cute and totally size appropriate shorts for my kids this summer at Target. I specifically went there because they had better shorts. I went back later for more and it was like they never existed. They were almost knee length shorts for my year old girl circo brand maybe? I have the opposite problem with my boys though, and appreciate that Target sells the Shaun White skinny pants for little kids because even with those, I sometimes have to take them in. Not too tight, not too baggy. So glad to hear they are having you voice an opinion! They saved me.

I want longer shorts for girls, absolutely, but how is this any different than the 80? Every picture of me from to featured super short coochie cutter shorts, one piece rompers with a. No one thought we were being sexualized; pockets stuck out of the bottom of cutoff hand Jean shorts. That and television telling all little girls to act like teenagers, have crushes on boys, and wear makeup. Thanks for saying this. And thank you to Target for listening! This has been a struggle all through my kid-raising years, and its just as hard finding things to fit my teen as my little ones.

Harder, in fact. Fingers crossed. Thank you so much for taking action with this issue!! I have a 5 year old and 2 year old daughter. My 5 year old has been off of the charts for height since she was born. Now she is wearing size 7 to 8 clothes. Skinny low rise jeans and tight short shorts seem to be the norm. These are just not comfortable to play in! They have plenty of time as adults to be squeezed into skinny jeans! I wish I could find relaxed fit jeans and longer shorts that were made to be play clothes. My daughter is always trying to pull them up or complaining because they feel like they are falling down.

My 5 year old is already wearing a size 1. It is difficult to find dress shoes without a heel! I really appreciate you advocating for our girls. I do agree, much of the clothing is made too tight and short. My two year old is almost the exact same size and percentile as your daughter-she even weighs a couple pounds more and the Cherokee 2t jeans at Target are way too big on her. She still wears 18 months. The Circo 2ts fit her. I also bought the Circo 2t jean shorts for her this Summer and they were a good length.

The cloth ones you showed, however, were a bit short. I am so grateful for you speaking out. I have wanted to for years, but have been unsure how to go about it. Just tonight we had to drive to 4 different stores before we could find ONE pair of shorts that was fingertip length or longer. It was a nightmare. Our daughters should not have so little pun intended to choose from. Modesty might seem like an old-fashioned concept, but in our home and in our school it is in style and always will be!

Yay for you and Target! I have resorted to buying gently used pants and making shorts out of them. I was so glad to see your posts and that Target is going to address the issue. My daughter is 7 and is thin with very long legs. She now wears leggings every day to school because those are the only pants that fit her without showing her underwear we live in Hawaii so pants are too hot. The problem is that she loves to wear skorts, but every skort in her size is so short that her underwear shows, even when standing.

So we recently tried going up a size at Target. She was swimming in them there is actually a huge difference in those two sizes. So glad that Target is finally going to address this. I hope that other stores see this as well and begin making changes. I have to hem all shorts for my Boyd…not fun! Good luck and u am glad someone is taking up this fight!!! Props to you my friend, for taking the time to do this. And props to you Target for listening. I hope other stores start to realise how inappropriate it is for grade schoolers to be wearing these kinds of clothes and what it teaches our daughters subconsciously.

Also, kudos to Target for being a respectable enough company to recognize wham they are in the wrong and to do something about it. Congrats on getting a response from Target!! So glad that finally something is being done. Consumers have the power if they only realized it and got together. We are the ones giving them money. They are supposed to cater to what we want. We need to make it loud and clear. Every year since about age 5 or 6 has been a challenge to find styles that are not miniature versions of Forever 21 or something I saw my high school female students coming to school in.

I love La La Loopsies and I want a shirt! True, they could be sold out before we get to the them, but I think the stores might order more for the younger ones. It is such a smart choice to build their loyal customer base by really finding out what they want to see on store shelves and then supply exactly that! Really good this brings one concrete changes. This is awesome. Thank you for this! Kohls and Target are 2 of my favorite stores to shop at. However, this year, school shopping for my youngest left a terrible taste in my mouth. Tops were all sleeveless, and tank tops, including dresses.

Shorts and skorts were way too short. Why is it so hard for them to take into consideration at least a normal dress code for students? My daughter likes girly, pretty things, and they are hard to find, and still be allowed to wear at school. I agree that they could make shirts a little longer, especially in the smaller sizes for younger girls. If the Tshirts are too right, it is east to buy a bigger size. My middle daughter is tall and thin. I think one of the best things clothing manufacturers could do is to offer more variety- make fitted AND non-fitted shirts for girls; make skinny AND wider jeans.

Not all girls are built the same or have the same style. More options would be nice. Thank you for the work you are doing! I would like to add to lots of companies, not only Target that skirts and dresses need to be longer and looser. And there is NO reason that a little girl needs to wear a bikini swimsuit ever. I received by mail a catalog with little girls in little bikinis. They had on make up. It nauseated me—what is the goal of that look?! This is an awesome start.

Plus also conforming to the school dress code. I prefer my sons shorts at the knee or just below, but at least mid thigh to the knee is a good range for my girls. Thank you for your work and all the more that will go into it!! I think half of the prob now is morals and respect for yourself.

I have a problem dressing my 5 year old daughter respectfully too, as well as myself. The availability of decent clothes for girls and women is almost non-existent. Thank you for taking a stand. I have a daughter who I have always had trouble finding clothes that fit her appropriately. She is 14 now but even when she was younger. We live in Fl where it gets hot….

Find the length but they are 4xs to big in the waist. She wears a size 2 in jrs. I will be looking forward to Target changing out their styles. Again, Thank you. It really started this summer when I went in search of non-booty shorts. I bought the Shawn White shorts you showed, they are really cute.

The problem comes in that girls want to wear clothes made for girls. Thanks for vocalizing the issue. I refuse to dress my 8 year old daughter in clothes that are even inappropriate for teenagers! I love that you addressed the problems with sizing too! Everything seems to be cut small. It is not just a problem with Target.

25 Fabulous Free Baby Sewing Patterns

Have you ever been in Justice? Their clothes look like they want girls to be hanging out a bars! If Target changes their kids clothes to a more age appropriate and size appropriate style, then I will take my daughter to buy clothes there!!! Love how rather scientific your approach is! Thanks for being our voice!

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I went with the athletic shorts you featured because they were longer — and those appeared to be the most popular option at my target. I wonder why? Be careful with too long for boys. I think som boys shorts are too long.


I hear ya on the girls though and I applaud your crusade. Kinda sad. I know how much time it takes to go to the store,do this kind of research, and document it all with children alongside of you. Please keep the conversation with Target going. We all need you! Thank you Target for paying attention!!!

And she is right, this is not something isolated to a specific store, or brand. Extremely short shorts seem the norm for even very little girls. The hem line is waaaaaay too short on clothing for girls, across the board. They were wearing shorts that were knee length and that is the style today.

While the author here does not go out of her way to point the issue with girls clothing to the sexualization of our children, that is exactly what it is. And it needs to stop. What are we to do?? I totally agree with you about size! I have a 7 yr old girl and 8 yr old boy. It drives me crazy. Sometimes I do let her wear her brothers clothes because hers are too short.

But coming from experience I thank you for speaking up! I hope this is a change!! Please oh please if you have any influence at all. Even cute ideas have a skirt way way high — too short for even leggings. Not everything needs to be modest — but a few choices would be nice. She would love to go as a frozen character — but those are not to be found unlike the abundant choices her 4 year old counterparts have.

This is a great point! Not only is everything made to make girls looks sexy, but also if you live in cold or wet areas I live in Seattle there is no way, even if you wanted to wear one of the skimpy costumes, that you could outdoors trick or treating! Please offer some cute options of costumes that are school clothing rules appropriate. Girls wants to be cute and fun or funny, not sexy! I am a Grandmother now but have wanted to see different clothes available since my girls were little!

There is a cartoon going around on FB that shows a lady holding a piece of clothing and the caption reads, do you have this in a size for people who actually eat? I find this to be true in ladies sizes also. Of the places I shop, Target is the worst for this. I totally agree with you. An inch inseam is too short for anyone. Good luck. I like Target and would love to find more appropriate clothes there for my daughter.

I wish target would carry over their toddler girls clothes line into bigger sizes I have a very tall 6 year old. Cute, little girl looking clothes. Once we get out of the toddler sizes, our choices become skulls and violent-themed characters…. Great job I have 3 girls and face the same problem. I hope they take the advice as well as other stores. We are modest and follow the fingertip length rule even out of school. My daughter is 14 and I rarely let her shop in Jrs anymore.

Not enough fabric!!!! When my daughters were in band, and they had to sit on a stage in the required black skirt, I had to purchase TWO skirts for each daughter and have a seamstress add the extra fabric JUST so they would have a skirt they could sit in on a stage. Even with the fabric of two skirts, they were still above the knee. This is no joke. My husband is constantly putting my 15 months old little boys clothes in my 3. I applaud you for not only writing the first installment of this post, but the follow up.

I am currently pregnant with my second my first is a boy and know we will face YEARS of frustrations while shopping if it is a girl. However, stores need to offer longer inseams for those who would prefer that. My shorts all have at least a 4in inseam so I definitely would never put my BABY girl in a 1in pair of shorts.

Good golly! Since it was incredibly hard to find, I bought some in every size they had available because I was worried I would never find more shorts like that again. Thanks for your pursuit of practicality! Good article. I am so happy to see that Target wants to hear from parents. That means they should be loose enough to move in, tough enough to take some wear, and long enough that they cover what ought to be covered specifically, not show miles of tummy if a kid is on the monkey bars, and long enough to be at least mid-thigh, preferably closer to the knee.

Dresses should be knee-length. All of a sudden, my 5 year old because my girls always seem to need a size bigger is expected to dress like a 12 year old. I end up shopping at lands end more with the exception of a modest dress here and there from target. I love that I can buy a size 7 dress for my 7 year old and have it be long enough AND just appropriate for her age. Girls tend to be shorter than boys, so it make sense to me that a girls small would be a BIT shorter than a boys small, etc. I also think boys wear their shorts and t-shirts over-sized when I put my son in clothes that fit, he looks weird next to the other boys at the bus stop.

The one thing I wish you had addressed is skirts and dresses. Yes, yes and YES! I refuse to put short shorts on my daughters. Thank you for being our advocate. My girls almost always have to wear shirts under their dresses or a cardigan. Thank you so much for doing this, I love target but have also been so disappointed in clothes for girls being too short and too tight! Hope they make some changes! Our little girls do NOT need to look sexy, this is awful!

I am thankful in many ways that I only have to dress. I also make my own cut off shorts buy cutting jeans to the knee length I prefer. I am glad target took it seriously. I have found the best time to buy decent length girls shorts is spring before the summer stuff comes out! The shorts for girls are a decent length then. School shopping is awful!! My 6th grade daughter found NO shorts that met the fingertip rule for school!! I am the mother of a 3 year old and a 7 month old and I have a question, WHY is it so hard to find clothing with no characters on it?

I HATE character clothing, i dont buy it at all, except pjs when i really need them. I dont want my kids being a walking advertisement. No character bedding, plates cups etc. I just dont like it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have 5 children, 2 of which are girls. At ages 15 and 13, clothing brings a lot of debate in our family.

Both of my girls are active in activities where they are not just sitting in a chair all day. The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses at most stores is ridiculous. My girls can not reasonably perform any regular activity in the length most stores provide.

Bend over to pick something up? Uh, no. Sit down anywhere other than tucked under a table? Better not, unless they want someone looking up their skirt. They want to look good. They do not want to dress like a boy. They already get my money in other departments. I would love to be able to add more clothing to the list. Can I just say thank you. A simple walk through the girls clothing department back then had me wondering what parent in the world would put this on their child. I have a tall 12yr old who has to shop in the teen dept. Can we please stop dressing our daughters like hookers?

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  7. shop categories;
  8. Thank goodness for school uniforms! Yes I totally agree. My daughter is 12 also and we are in the same boat. The selection is terrible. There is very little appropriate clothing. I have to scour secondhand stores to find appropriate clothing for my 9-year-old and 4-year-old. Try finding cute clothes for her in Target. Shirts are always too small, especially if she wants to be cute in Disney Princess or Monster High. I have two sons, ages 12 and 8. Finding pajamas for them is darn near impossible.

    Skulls and crossbones. I want my daughter to stay looking young when she IS young, I think some of the clothes are trying to mature our daughters before it is time. I have actually added fabric to shorts that I have bought so they are longer, and have bought larger sizes and taken in the waists just so things are not super short on her! Thank you for making a difference! You are an answer to prayer and I hope you have success! When I was young we were required to wear dresses to church. My daughter is 12 and tall and thin. My niece is getting married in three weeks. We have had very little success.

    She only wear capris. Thank goodness they invented those because the shorts are ridiculous. I have a precious little second grade girl and we have the SAME problem!! I could not find ONE pair of shorts long enough to send her to school in. We opted for a cute dress instead. Keep up the good work!! Thank you for being the voice we have been waiting for! And thank you to Target for listening to their customers! I am looking forward to better girls clothes soon. Even their shirts are crazy tight. There were no Elsa and Anna for boys so we checked out the girls section…but of course the cut was wrong and I would not let him buy this cut style.

    He also loved the heart shaped ninja turtles. I completely agree with you on the shorts thing. And my girls layer their shirts most of the time too. I also think the jeans issue depends on the person wearing them. I applaud you for voicing your concern and frustrations and getting Target to listen!!! So awesome!!!

    Hopefully more stores will follow suit with your hard work with Target and then next summer I can buy decent shorts for me and my girls!! I completely agree! I do hope there are a few more options as far as having longer shorts for girls as a result of this, but please, please, please do not make girls sizes the same width as boys. My daughter is five and we can hardly even find pants she can keep up so she wears mostly leggings which can also be too big around. What she really needs a slim, so more options for the slim kids would definitely be a must if you start widening sizes.

    Of course, I could drop down made more long shorts. Dresses also need to be made longer by several inches! My daughter is tall for her age and if you look at dresses in the girl department they are all mini skirt length dresses!!!! I totally agree with your posts! I am thrilled! I have a 12 year old niece who wears a size 7 in junior because we have to account for her booty.

    My 8 year old niece has Bermuda shorts from JCPenney because its the only place that has shorts with a nice in seam. I Hope you get Target straightened out before my 2 month old daughter gets to the toddler clothes!! I have three boys and then a girl, so when I started clothing shopping for her I was astonished at the horrible selection.

    I am so glad you called attention to this and I hope that Target really does follow through on their claim that they will listen to us! I hate it! I applaud you for speaking out. Wish I had. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I wear a lot of tank style tops, my daughters would like too.

    I have noticed that while my shirts are cut so that my entire chest is not uncovered from the sides, most of the shirts I try on my daughters need me to shorten the shoulder part to make the arm hole smaller or have their whole chest showing. Yah hoo!! I am so glad to see this issue raised. Tank tops on a pre-young teen start to give a whole different impression.

    That decision has saved countless arguments. And, the fact that the school dress codes, Church teen groups etc. However I believe part of the problem are those buying these clothes — letting their children wear whatever they want. Parents need to be more responsible and a be parents! Then my other cousins daughter showed up wearing the same!

    I held my tongue, but come on parents!!! For years I have tried to find decent, modest clothes for my daughter and have been horrified by stuff in stores. Last year, I saw a little girl wearing short shorts and a half, off-the-shoulder top with chain link thingee stretched over the open part of the top…she was 3. And apparently, not all people want hoochie clothes for their girls. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I must admit that I did not see your first article but from reading this one it is like you are reading my own mind.

    I am so tired of shopping for my girls clothes and not being able to by anything because the clothes are either too tight, too short, too revealing. It is crazy! We do shop at Target and it seems that in recent months it has become harder and harder to find anything that my girls can wear. But it is not just Target and Kohls, it is like this everywhere. It is going to take moms and dads standing up like you have done to change things. If there is a way I can get involved in standing up for our kids let me know.

    I would love to help! Ok, I climbing off my soap box now! So thank you again! I hate the size of girls shorts. And it is the same everywhere you go. Only problem was there were no longer ones. Oh, goodness — try finding a modest skort for a tall leggy girl. They are all way too short and the shorts underneath are little more than underwear. The shorts under skorts should be much longer and more like fitted bike shorts, I think, and I would buy them in every color if such a thing existed. It depends on the outfit, but baggy shirts look too sloppy — especially with skirts. Some could definitely use more wiggle room, but overall I will always prefer a slightly more fitted shirt for myself and my daughter.

    Same for jeans — not too baggy and sloppy looking. That baffles me. Again, good luck! I have thought This for a while. Great job at putting it to words and doing something about it. To purchase shorts that are long enough is a constant battle my 7 yr old girl is all legs so not only is in inappropriate for her to wear shorts of such length it also looks terrible since her legs are so long.

    It really is just as hard to find shorts for women that are long enough in the inseam. Keep up the great work. I almost exclusively bought my childrens clothes at Target because id convenience.

    Simple cute play dresses with Maryjane shoes had been our go-to outfits, or comfortable jeans, cozy and sweet looking sweat outfits, soft cozy hooded sweaters… Basically, things that covered well without too much publicity for one particular brand plastered across the front of my child. My 2nd daughter is just about to be in the girls section and we have basically twitched to online shopping exclusively at Old Navy, Lands End during sales , and Childrens Place which tends to have a bit too much glitter for me, at times.

    I would love to have the convenience of Target again, but havent bought clothes for my oldest daughter from there in almost three years. I just dont even bother to check the section anymore, unless we need tights or socks. There should be cute outfits with a bit of a trendy feel that are not trashy looking and expose too much.

    Boys clothing not only covers more, but is better made. Six year olds should not dress like teenagers. Once they hit size 6, everything seems to become tacky, made cheaply, and exposes too much. I want my daughter to respect her body and I want everyone else to respect HER. As a mom of 3 daughters, I struggle with buying clothes for them in the summer.

    Shorts are certainly the worst and I have focused on buying more capris and bermuda shorts for them. You are correct, this is not an issue with Target at all. Thank you for speaking out and for your future efforts working with Target to make girls clothing more age appropriate! I have struggled her entire life to buy her shorts. This past summer I let her wear the too short denim shorts but only with leggings underneath. Until now the only shorts she has had were Bermuda length shorts or little knit shorts to wear under a skirt or dress.

    Think about that. But with that being said I am so glad to know that it is not just me. My 3 yr old daughter just outgrew the last pair of girls denim shorts I will buy her for the same reason. I bought those shorts last year when she still wore diapers if we left the house. I can not do it, and both of my daughters own quite the assortment of camisoles and spaghetti strap tanks to provide extra coverage underneath shirts and dresses that show too much chest. The top fully covered her chest and came well below the high waisted band on the briefs. In one pair more than half or her cheeks showed.

    The tops were ridiculous. They were cut too low too tight and all showed midriff. I had to do to Gap Kids to find a swimsuit with a decent fit. Let me say that again. I had to go to the GAP to find a decent swimsuit. I have had sort of an opposite problem. Some of the shorts for boys are too long. That seems weird, but when you have little ones who are learning to walk, having shorts hang over the knees makes it difficult to move properly and I see them have trouble. The main problem is with swim shorts. My son had trouble climbing out and moving properly because the shorts were so long it restricted his movement and made it sometimes almost dangerous in the pool.

    When you talk to Target, would you please mention this as a problem? I want him to be safe. I have, for many years, bought my daughters clothes two sizes too big so they would not be sent home by the disciplinarian for not adhering to dress code. Girls also are not permitted to wear tank tops.

    Shoulders must be covered. I would like to see more cap sleeve tops and dresses for warmer weather.