Homeward Bound; Or, the Chase: A Tale of the Sea (Complete)

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Homeward Bound; Or, the Chase: A Tale of the Sea by James Fenimore Cooper

James Fenimore Cooper. Selected pages Title Page. Contents Section 1. Section 2. Section 3. Section 4.

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  7. Popular passages Page 89 Page - I'd divide, And burn in many places ; on the topmast, The yards and bowsprit, would I flame distinctly, Then meet, and join. Jove's lightnings, the precursors O Page Still she was a beautiful and a grand object, perhaps more so at that moment than at any other ; for her vast and naked spars, her well-supported masts, and all the ingenious and complicated hamper of the machine, gave her a resemblance to some sinewy and gigantic gladiator, pacing the arena, in waiting for the conflict that was at hand.

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    I - Novels in chronological order [Note: We do not necessarily list all on-line texts of a particular novel, as the number keeps growing. The French National Library website Gallica has placed some 46 Cooper novels and other works, in French translation, on-line. They can be accessed at the Gallica website by: 1 click on "Recherche"; 2 enter "Fenimore" or "Fenimore Cooper" in the box marked "Auteur"; click on "Rechercher".

    The volumes include a complete 30 volume set of Cooper's novels as published by Fume, C.

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    Whether "student note" sites are helpful or harmful to real study may well be debated; some sites are really trying to sell papers to would-be plagiarists. Nevertheless we have found a couple of sites dealing with The Last of the Mohicans , with canned biographies of Cooper, summaries short and chapter-by-chapter of the novel, and other information.

    We provide links for what they may be worth, and because we seek to be complete, but such links do not constitute recommendations in any sense.

    The James Fenimore Cooper Society is happy to assist students whenever it can, though we will not provide canned answers.