A Voice in the Night

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Radio was in its early stages at the time, the Martians got into his head, and he built his own crystal receiver two years later and aimed it at the red planet.

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He was of course disappointed by the unrelenting silence. He needed something better. Henry Cable was, if anything, true to his word. When he told people he was going to do something, they could, as the saying goes, put it in the bank. The liaison, Mrs. Agatha Brantley, was left to make apologies as best she could. And when, after the luncheon had staggered to a desultory end and a worried Mrs.

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Brantley went to his house, she got no answer. At that point she called us. There was of course nothing we could do. So she took charge. The place had been ransacked. And there was no sign of Cable. She called us again. It had been, in other words, a routine day.

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  3. Chants damour et de combat (Poètes des cinq continents) (French Edition).

Until the Director got on the line. Denny Calkin is a small, narrow man, in every sense of the word. And he has a big voice. He was a political appointment at NASA, and consequently was in over his head. He thought well of himself, of course, and believed he had the answers to everything. On this occasion, though, he verged on hysteria. The first time we heard the Voice, the world seemed to be coming apart.

It was my day off, but the real world seemed kind of scary just then. Canfield in the Morning , our cable news show, was going on about how we were on the verge of World War III unless things changed radically. They ran clips of U.

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There were also unconfirmed reports that U. Palo Alto was putting up a new city hall, which was to be a glass and steel structure with a rotating tower, suggestive of a brilliant future. It felt as if everything was about to come tumbling down. Emil Kohler was a guy who laughed a lot, chased women, generally enjoyed life, and in his spare time picked up a Ph. I was still trying to forget my earlier one, an unhappy analysis of George Bernard Shaw which had sold about fifty copies. Or Earth. Ward was officially on his way home.

Eventually, the man and his fiancee found the fungus growing on their skin and felt an uncontrollable urge to eat it. They discovered that other humans on the island have been entirely absorbed by the strange fungal growth. As the man in the rowboat rows away, just as the sky is lightening, the narrator can dimly see a grotesquely misshapen figure in the rowboat, scarcely recognisable as human.

A Voice in the Night by Andrea Camilleri

The story has been filmed twice. The first and more faithful adaptation, under the title "Voice in the Night," was made as an episode of the television series Suspicion This was one of 10 episodes of Suspicion made by Shamley Productions, the company established by Alfred Hitchcock to produce his television series. It was directed by Arthur Hiller from a script by Stirling Silliphant. The second filmed adaptation was the Japanese motion picture Matango , shown on American television under the title Attack of the Mushroom People.

Mushrooms from Hell!

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Upon being eaten, the mushrooms sprout from the eater's skin and influence their actions. John Brosnan 's novel The Fungus from has a similar plot, in which mutated fungi destroy England, and those infected die or become mutated mushroom people, depending on which type of fungus has infected them. Brian Lumley 's short story "Fruiting Bodies", which won the British Fantasy Award in , concerns a strange fungus that slowly destroys a town and ultimately consumes the bodies of the last remaining residents, but keeps their form.

The story ends ominously as wood from the town has been harvested for use in homes across England, and the narrator has inhaled spores from the strange fungi. Lumley has named "The Voice in the Night" as one of his favourite stories. The concept of fungal symbiosis or assimilation of humans is also frequently found in the work of Jeff VanderMeer , especially in his "Ambergris" novels and short stories.

The same concept is used in the video game The Last of Us. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.