The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking

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Each day as women, we are presented with an opportunity to grow stronger and learn to do the right things when they are in ce rtain situations. We each have areas in our lives where we need work and a godly woman does all she can to grow and let go of worldly things, and discover and fine tune, traits of a Godly Woman. To say you can measure how godly a woman is, that is impossible. Here are some traits of a godly woman.

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Maybe you know someone who carries these traits in their daily lives. Maybe you can see these traits in your own lives. Part of this responsibility is caring for her home the best she can. Proverbs This can be a hard one, ladies.

We are constantly on the go to the next activity, packing lunches, ensuring our kids brush their teeth, preparing breakfast, running errands, homeschooling, helping with homework, preparing dinner, keeping our home in order, leaving for work, working from home, and the list goes on. Friends, we can build bridges or burn them.

The Heart of Simplicity Foundations for Christian Homemaking by Natalie Klejwa Information

We can share the love of Christ in hopes of winning souls, or we can push them away before they ever hear the gospel. Judge righteously, but be kind. A Godly woman is kind to others no matter the color of their skin, gender, or status. You are kind to others. You listen and try to be a good friend and you give kind advice when asked for or when needed. Do you struggle with this one? It is so easy to get caught up in harboring ill feelings and grudges.

Loving Generously. Living Abundantly.

You learn to forgive quickly. Colossians Do you start many projects, but finish none? In a hostile and busy world, marriage should be a sanctuary. The culture we live in has abandoned the sanctity of marriage, largely because we have abandoned God and His heart for marriage. As mothers, our hope is to be clothed in strength for the coming days. Our kids are like arrows.

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How we invest our time on earth will impact eternity in a million ways. Join over a dozen Christian women as we learn how to simplify our lives from the inside out and build homemaking foundations focused on Christ. When we are faithful to focus on what is truly essential in our homemaking, we can build an eternal legacy… one simple day at a time.

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Just Released-The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking eBook!

It is a book you will turn to again and again in your role as a Christian Homemaker. With the hearts and wisdom of 13 authors that are all desiring what you are too as a Christian woman — to bring glory to God in all that we do. What I love most is you are not left alone after you purchase this book. With discussion questions at the end of every chapter it will be a blessing to read together in a group or with a friend.

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