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The Fiddleback Forge Bushfinger is one of the first knives Andy Roy designed and has become a staple model for anyone who wants a true Fiddleback Experience.


It was specifically designed to be everything Andy personally wanted in bushcrafting knife. Over the years, the design has been perfected into the working art you experience today. The Bushfinger sports a 4 inch blade with a 4. To see Fiddleback Forge knives that are currently available, use this link:.


Fiddleback Forge does not take custom requests nor do they build knives to customer specifications. This listing is meant to show previous configurations of this particular model that we have had in stock, as well as possibilities of configurations for future knives that Fiddleback Forge may choose to make. DLT has good prices and brands and I'm sure I'll be buying from them again. Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge is one my go-to custom knife makers. I've been a customer of Andy's from the beginning and watched his progression through the years. Just when you think he has perfected his craft I buy another knife and realize he has reset the bar.

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The fit, the finish, the in hand feel, then edge sharpness and on and on. Fiddleback Forge knives aren't cheap but neither is a high end sports car. The Handyman is a small-medium belt knife that melts into your hand. The contours are spot on.

Fiddleback Farm, Wigton – Updated Prices

The various edge thicknesses, tang styles and blade steels of Fiddleback Forge allow you to choose a knife to fit your specific needs. The most difficult part of a Fiddleback Forge is getting enough courage to use it. It's like the first scratch on a new car but these are high quality tools.

Use it! It's a perfect match. A high end knife and an outstanding dealer. First of all the knife was in my mailbox 48 hours after I placed the order and that included a Sunday.

Jason's crew promptly filled my order, packaged it up and got it out the door. Not to mention the timely answers to my questions.

How to ID a Brown Recluse Spider - identify a fiddleback or violin arachnid!

If you haven't had the pleasure of handling and using one of Andy Roy's knives you are missing out big time. Performance, outstanding looks and incredible fit and finish all in one package. This Terrasaur is a perfect example of all those things coming together and then you add in a bonus sheath from Jason that gets the knife on your belt day one. I'm happy my favorite knife dealer carries a nice selection of Fiddlebacks.

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