How to Create a Study Plan for the USMLE Step 1

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Also, try to take one day off per week so you can recharge. Eat well, exercise and get proper rest for increased stamina and confidence. You will need to assess your current performance level so you can decide what resources will be best. A Diagnostic Exam is an excellent assessment tool to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Then you can create a schedule for each phase of your preparation. This will minimize stress and allow you to make passes through materials to ensure you understand and can apply the knowledge learned.

Doing this will improve your overall exam performance. Building a strong foundation of basic science knowledge is important, so use resources that will integrate your medical school studies most efficiently. Illustrations and animations help you visualize and dynamic lecturers take you through complete organ-system coverage. The importance of research hinges on what specialty and type of program you are interested in.

Residencies in large academic medical centers tend to also weigh research experience more heavily. Since the spreadsheet was pretty much verbatim what was on the pharmacology flashcards I purchased, I do not feel comfortable sharing a copyrighted item. My apologies! Keep in mind that there are tons of already pre-made study sheets out there on the internet — just search for them. Also, just making one yourself is a way to study the material.

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Hey Amanda As for an IMG who graduated from med school 3 years back, and is preparing for step one, I bought first aid and pathoma and im planing on having usmle rx as my first qbank and uworld of coarse, what would you recommed in terms of how much time I need, and books to review, knowing that I work 8 hours a day. Hey Maher! Thanks for commenting. Take NBMEs in order to gauge your progress, too. Do you mind if I ask what your score was?


If you can see my email, you email me back on that if you prefer. Thanks for your comment! My score was slightly above average. This being said, many of my peers that followed the same schedule did standard deviations above the mean. One question about the study schedule: how exactly did you go about incorporating Pathoma into it?

It looks like you blocked out time for it during lunch according to the color coding, but did you just study by chapter or pick and choose based on what was on the schedule in the afternoon? Thanks so much for posting this. Hi Amanda. Now I feel like I have only a year left to start properly studying for Step 1. Or should I use more comprehensive books and review materials? Thank you. Thank you so much for your post. I was wondering for Uworld, did you mean that you took 2 blocks and reviewed them in 4 hours total?

Any recommendation on this matter? In regards to your schedule, were you able to review 1 block f Uworld in 1 hour? I am having a little trouble reviewing a block in an hour and was wondering how you went through when reviewing. Or did you flip through First Aid? I think my main concern is wasting time passively reading first aid. I guess I could also ask, how did you read actively read through first aid during your afternoon sessions? I really want to improve it to and have my exam in a month. Please suggest. Appreciate any kind of help. Pathoma When Pathoma came onto the scene, I was admittedly a die-hard Goljan fan.

Tips for Success Here are some final words of wisdom for all of you: Pick a study plan and stick to it. If you picked something that ensures you will learn all the material in First Aid and UWorld, you will be successful on the exam. Take at least one day off each week of dedicated study time. Pick a day of the week that you will always take off — so I took Sundays off because I knew my test day was on a Monday and I scheduled all my practice exams for Monday to simulate the real thing.

You will burn out by the end of week 2 if you do not heed this advice. Take the day before your exam off. All the knowledge you accumulated over the last two years will not magically fall out of your head in that one day that you decide not to study. You want to be fresh for the day of your exam. Do not change your test date. Unless you had something major happen and you missed more than a week or two of dedicated time because of it. Make time to exercise or get your heart rate up on a daily basis.

If you could prepare for Step I again what would you do differently?

Sitting at a desk all day hunched over a book or your laptop is not good for your health. You know that. Find a study partner. Also, I found that taking an hour each week prior to dedicated time to quiz each other on pharmacology was the best decision I ever made. Simulate a full-length exam at least once during dedicated study time. I did this by taking 2 NBME practice exams back to back [this makes 8 sections, not 7… but close enough].

Trust me when I say that the exam itself is not that difficult, but is a test of your endurance. Pack some healthy food for the day of the exam. Chips and coke probably will lead to post prandial sleepiness.

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How well you do on it is a function of many, many, many variables, some of which may be out of your control. What other questions do you have for me?

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Id like to know how your friend formatted his spread sheet with the drugs! Let me know what other questions you have! Amanda Hi, Your post is really helpful! Hey Kristy, Thanks for your comment!

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Hope this helps! Good luck on your exam and feel free to ask any additional questions! Amanda Hey Amanda, I love this schedule! Let me know if you have any additional questions! Amanda Hi Amanda, Thank you for putting in time to write this post. And did you ever use the Kaplan books while you were studying for Step 1? Hi there! Good luck! Amanda Since the spreadsheet was pretty much verbatim what was on the pharmacology flashcards I purchased, I do not feel comfortable sharing a copyrighted item. Hey Alex, Thanks for your comment! Good luck to you! Amanda Hi Amanda. Thank you Hey!