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Former yokozuna Futahaguro is seen in a May file photo. Takakeisho pulls out of Nagoya Basho Takakeisho, who was injured in his May debut as an ozeki and failed to win eight bouts, said Thursday he will skip the upcoming Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament and forfeit his elite status as a wre Title appears up for grabs at upcoming Nagoya Basho Commentators often divide sumo into eras, each defined by its outstanding rivalry.

Whether it's Akebono vs. Takanohana, Taiho against Kashiwado or Tochinoshiki taking on Wakanohana, grea Nagoya Basho historically significant for foreign wrestlers and sumo fans When you think of the Nagoya tournament what first comes to mind?

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In the interview, he also denied having affairs or even knowing a man from Wyoming who said they had an affair and a woman from Colorado who claimed they once met in a Chik-Fil-A parking lot and had sex. He did explain more details of his affair with a former co-worker, Nichol Kessinger.

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He said he wished they had never had a romantic relationship and that he never thought his marriage was bad before meeting her. He said that Kessinger knew he was married but that he lied to her and said he was pursuing a separation before he and Shanann had ever talked about it. He said they had not spoken since his arrest. Watts said he regrets what he did.

Watts said he was ready to plead guilty to the crimes just weeks after his arrest.

Ex-yokozuna Futahaguro died in February at age 55, wife announces

He told his defense attorneys the full story of what happened shortly after his arrest, he said. He will not have the opportunity for parole. The girls were friendly and loved their parents.

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Photos posted of Bella and Celeste online by Shanann show the girls snuggling with their mom, making goofy faces at the camera and celebrating birthdays. Log In Membership Newsletters Obituaries. By Elise Schmelzer eschmelzer denverpost. The Douglas County Sheriff's Department was trying to find the person involved in a hit-and-run accident Thursday that seriously injured a cyclist in Parker.

Police are looking for two men involved in a shooting that injured a man in a Golden condominium parking lot Thursday. Two men who died after a shooting on the grounds of a Colorado Springs school June 29 have been identified.

Tadhana: The OFW's cheating wife

The jury unanimously reached a life verdict on one capital charge for the premeditated murder of a law enforcement officer, but was unable to reach a unanimous decision on the aggravating factor of two premeditated murders in a three-year period. Since the jury was deadlocked, Judge Steven Smith imposed a life sentence. Before he is officially sentenced Thursday, Hamilton has, for the first time, apologized to those he harmed and, in some cases, is asking for forgiveness. Hamilton was convicted in the February shooting of his wife, Crystal Hamilton, and rookie police officer Ashley Guindon, who was on her first shift with the Prince William County Police Department.

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After a heated argument, Hamilton shot his wife while their thenyear-old son was in the home. You all have every right to be angry at me.

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  3. Ku Klux Klan wizard's wife blasted his entire face off with gun | Metro News.
  4. I changed our family in ways that cannot be undone, but I hope with time I can gain your forgiveness. I will never live down what I did, and if I could go back in time and change things, I would. Nothing that I say will bring back your daughters, but I am truly remorseful that I took their lives and caused you this pain. I wish I could provide you a better explanation.