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Durrwell, entitled appropriately enough, The Resurrection. Durrwell was a brilliant theologian whose approach to theology was thoroughly biblical; his work is far too often overlooked. He does a great job emphasizing the role the role of the resurrection in salvation.

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The following is from his book pages , 31, Indeed, there seems a striking change of position: in Rom iv. Paul, in fact, teaches that although the death has expiated our sins, our justification, which consists in the remission of our sins and the new life, is given to us in the risen Christ.

A Brief Life of Christ

Man dies to sin and rises again to life in Christ death, Col. Here only are we redeemed Rom iii. Only in this living environment can the justice of God be communicated and grow.

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  • Paul goes even further. The Father has given us life by raising up Christ, we are included in the one life-giving act which was performed for our Lord. This brings up another question. How can all men at all times be taken up in the single act of the resurrection which brought Christ back to life at a given date in the past?

    Again the question is difficult, but the statement is perfectly clear. At the same moment as justice is given to us in the act by which the Father raises up the Son, our sins are also remitted. The texts I have quoted make this clear: while we were dead through our sins, he brought us to life together with Christ. It is the Father who raises up Christ Rom. It is in Christ, and through the act of raising him up, that he justifies us.

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    The death and resurrection of Jesus are both working towards our salvation. Each plays a different part in it. On July 29, , Anne Catherine began to communicate to Brentano scenes of the day-to-day life of Jesus, which in due course encompassed the better part of his ministry. She was able to describe in extraordinary detail the places Jesus visited, his miracles and healings, his teaching activity, and the people around him.

    Life of Christ in art

    Anne Catherine was so attuned to the life of Jesus that her visions included minute details of time and place. In addition, illustrations drawn from the monumental work of the French painter James J. Over the years many have attested to the transformative power of these visions, and on October 3, , Anne Catherine was beatified by Pope John Paul II. Throughout our tradition, one of the attributes that has been assigned to God is that of omnipotence all-powerful.

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    We read in the Old Testament how the prophets often approached the Divine with fear and trembling in deference to this power. But my face you cannot see, for no one sees me and still lives. An implication would be that in order for us to exist, God must withhold or protect us from the sheer power of his being — otherwise, we would be completely consumed.

    In this way, we are at the mercy of God, for God has all the power.

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    • That God exercises this power by constraining rather than asserting it may seem peculiar or contradictory to worldly thought. Yet, this is precisely the key to teaching the proper spirit and use of power for Christians.

      Jesus Christ: The Resurrection and the Life - Part II - Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

      In Christ, God chose to not only exercise his power by constraining it so that we might have life, but God then emptied himself and submitted to death so that we might have life more fully with God. This is the ultimate good. Thus, as Christians, we are to mirror this example in our own lives and in all of our relationships where we hold some measure of power whether physical, emotional, political, economic or social. However, this is only possible if we center our lives on God rather than on ourselves.

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