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For press release in Spanish see : bit.

State Violence, Organized Crime and Political Reforms in Mexico

Approved GLV reform did not included key aspects that would have lead to protect adequately, by law, survivors of violence in Mexico. The core amendments locked up autonomy and flexibility by: 1 not acknowledging victims do suffer of enforced internal displacement as a result of violence and threats by organized crime, 2 not approving the annual budget, 3 diminishing consultation and participation of families of disappeared in the Executive Commission for Assisting Victims CEAV , and 4 removing autonomy of the Commission by approving Mexican Presidency shall designate the appointment of the new director of CEAV.

Three hours later after his removal, he was appointed as Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council. His words are far from being trustworthy. The escalating of military reinforcement in the last decade, at least, highlights the disparity between protection to public forces recent implementation of PTSD program for army, and legal immunity and the lack of interest for funding programs aimed to prevent human rights violations and bio-psychosocial attention to survivors of violence relatives of disappeared, women, indigenous communities, LGBTTI people among many other groups.

This double standard has a long history as some of the strategies of the official party, PRI. However, this means that if information by Indie media is more available these days, and the Mexican government is not acting to solve these problems, there is also a responsibility of civil society for demanding accountability and real changes.

In this regard, the social movement supporting Ayotzinapa belongs to everybody, and we all also share the responsibility to assuring this will not happen ever. The movement belongs to us, beyond petty quarrels of a group in New York that unfortunately resulted in the cancelation of screenings of the documentary film Watching them Die last September. The rest depends on us. The month of September is very meaningful for Mexican history. Today it is the anniversary of the first modern guerrilla uprising in Mexico.

On September 23th of , a group of teachers, a physician and campesinos took over the military headquarters of Madera as a way of demanding social justice. Unfortunately, there are not only 43, but more than 28, families in Mexico that since are searching for their beloved ones.

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No to the fast track promoted by PRI. No a una reforma fast track que desestima las necesidades de los familiares de desaparecidos. It must be noted that during the official presentation of the report, any authority attended the event last April 30th at the Rural Normal School Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa.

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The families of the 43 disappeared students submitted to the Foreign Affairs chancellor a very clear petition: to sign and approve a Special Monitoring Mechanism in which, consistently with recommendations made by IACHR, Mexican government agrees to present periodic reports of conducted investigations, and to provide conditions for special rapporteurs to visit the country on regular basis. The Special Monitoring Mechanism is aimed to provide accountability and assure to follow up different lines of investigations. For example, the searching of the disappeared students, operations held by public forces and organized crime during Iguala attacks, the drug trafficking route, as well as severe anomalies in official inquiries such as alteration of the crime scene, destroyed and planted evidence by authorities.

Even though these demands seem to be crystal clear, political scenario turns out to be very complex in which different forces and actors play.

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On the one hand, relatives of the 43 students do not trust Mexican authorities will be able to manage investigations with transparency. Moreover, reports highlight that systematically authorities have been an obstacle to transparency and accountability, particularly by covering up military operations in headquarters of Iguala.

On the other hand, the Mexican government has been pushed by global demonstrations and international pressure to respond to these demands, and it has slightly shifted its official discourse also incurring in many contradictions. It is important to note that Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, who started working in Ayotzinapa case at the request of relatives of the disappeared students, does not endorse origins and conditions of collected remains in the bags.

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This is not only about the opposition between printed or written culture over oral culture with all its variants and layers related to class, race, gender, colonial or progress imposed models , it is also about the production of the legitimacy of authoritarianism. Discredit campaigns, revictimization, production of reality seem to be the formula for solving social unrest, instead of dialogue, transparency, and accountability.

In these cases, Mexican government has acted with indiscriminate repression and subsequently it has denied it. What it is different this time is that evidence for altering evidence, paradoxically production of evidence is the evidence of impunity and authoritarianism, has been provided by external actors giving international visibility to this severe crisis. Therefore, the struggle for truth and justice has not ended with the delivery of Ayotzinapa reports.

During the meeting on May 19, one Mexico was confronted by the other. Vidulfo Rosales, lawyer of the 43 families of disappeared students, comments after the meeting of May 19, Spanish only. After massive demonstrations around the world supporting demands of truth and justice for the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa, the Mexican government was pushed to accept recommendations made by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

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While families of 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa, and the relatives of more than 30, disappeared individuals in the last 10 years are looking for their beloved ones, Mexican authorities not only seem to be incompetent, they are careless and even condescending. See Petitions and Donations in this blog: bit. Last year on September 26, 90 students of Ayotzinapa Rural School traveled to Iguala for collecting money and finding transportation to participate in a demonstration in Mexico City.

In two buses, Ayotzinapa students arrived to Iguala with the intention of taking more buses to transport their peers to the protest. Even though, for some, it is controversial the fact of taking buses either peacefully or by force, it must be said that it is a common practice since students do not have the means for commuting to the protests. On that evening, a small group of students was left on the highway, while another one dispersed in the city for collecting money.

This small group convinced a bus driver to borrow the bus after dropping passengers at the station. The students aboard the bus peacefully, however the driver locked them once they arrived to the bus station.

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The students were rescued by their peers and left the bus station taking three more buses. In the course of their departure from the city they were followed and attacked by the police. However the attack was perpetrated against the students who took the buses from the station, it was massive, increasingly violent and it was indiscriminate. It lasted three hours, and took place in 9 different places in Iguala. Survivors witnessed how the police were taking students from one of the buses. Currently 43 students are disappeared.

Another group of students and teachers arrived to protect the crime scene, when an unidentified group of men descended from a car and opened fire on students, teachers and bystanders. The survivors, some of them critically injured, arrived to a local hospital that denied medical attention. The students decided to leave the hospital and find help among neighbors.

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The Battle for Truth and Justice

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Log in. Add to list. Looking for the phrase por siempre instead? A phrase is a group of words commonly used together e. When they were children, they promised each other they'd be friends forever. We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box.