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I do wish the name of the book was not the theme all the way in. The abiguity lets you believe what you want, but doesn't make for as satisfying a story. While I agree with one reviewer who said that this one is not as good as it's predecessors because it makes you doubt whether the magic was real or not I still have to say I found it delightful. I'm okay with the idea of making your own magic. Also, there were some really good lines in this one and Kip was a stand-up character. Jun 18, Maria Antonia rated it really liked it Shelves: for-kids , fantasy.

I love Edward Eager's books! This is the story of twins, Laura and James, who move with their family to the country. On the train ride up, a strange girl Lydia tells them that the well in their yard is really a magic wishing well. Laura tries it out and her wish comes true! This leads to the children having some magical adventures for the summer. Or maybe it's all a coincidence Magic or not, this book is definitely a fun romp :. Magic or Not has "By all odds his best" from the Chicago Tribune on the front cover.

Good thing that was editorializing and not news reporting because they forgot to check their facts. While enjoyable, Magic or Not does not deliver.

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Jul 05, Daniell rated it liked it Shelves: upper-elementary. It didn't convince me to suspend belief and go with the magic. Maybe because they kids themselves doubt it all along? And the children seem unrealistically altruistic.

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Although maybe that's how kids were in the '50s We are big Edward Eager fans, but this one fell flat for us. Notable Content: Someone is referred to as a "feckless boob. May 30, Easton rated it it was ok. I didn't think it was great, I would only recommend it if your interested in books about magic.

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  • I liked this one better than the other books in the series. However, I am not sure if I would have appreciated it as much if I hadn't read those books. I really like Eager. He is a fun author. Feb 03, Jane rated it really liked it. Amusing, perfect almost! Aug 24, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy.

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    In this novel their are four children, later on five, who go on what they believe to be magical adventures given to them by a wishing well. However, they are never sure whether or not it really is magic or if it is just a coincidence. This is what made the story interesting and kept it a bit more real, like how children pretend when they play, and don't actually go on magical adventures.

    However, even though I like the book, I didn't really like this part of it because when they go on actual adventures to different places or times it makes the book so much more interesting. Instead, they just explore their new town and decide to help people in need. I did like how everything they did and all the people they helped seemed to be connected together. Most of the characters were enjoyable.

    Laura and James are the two main characters. They are twins who just moved into their new house, they are both really smart and love books, especially Half Magic. They eventually meet Kip who is their neighbor. He loves popsicles and was always eating one, at least at the beginning of the book, then no mention of them later on, which was weird.

    The children also meet Lydia, whom Kip doesn't really like at first because she seems kind of weird. She is their other neighbor who lives with her very artistic grandmother, she is mysterious, scared of horses, but rides one anyway, loves reading as much as Laura and James, and turns out to be a pretty good artist.

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    I was amazed how much we learn about each of the characters, especially in such a short book. Everyone was well described, had their own personalities, and was memorable. I really like this aspect of the book because it helped to make it better even when the story wasn't my favorite. Overall, I did enjoy the book, but it wasn't one of my favorites of the series. The characters were what made this book! If you love the Tales of Magic series or love fantasy, then I would recommend this book to you!

    It's a fun book for kids! Mar 31, Pica rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: People who love juvenile fantasy. Shelves: fantasy , ya , fiction. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I've recently begun re-reading Edward Eager's series of juvenile fantasy books for the first time since elementary school, and have come to the conclusion that they are every bit as good as C.

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    Lewis's Narnia books. This surprised me, since -- as the title suggests -- the magical element of the plot is a lot more I've recently begun re-reading Edward Eager's series of juvenile fantasy books for the first time since elementary school, and have come to the conclusion that they are every bit as good as C. This surprised me, since -- as the title suggests -- the magical element of the plot is a lot more ambiguous.

    I was prepared for it to be drier than the previous books, but it was anything but dry. Children read books about other children having magical adventures all the time, and every child wishes he or she could have magical adventures of their own. Who hasn't wanted to go to Hogwarts or have a wish granted?

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    But every child eventually comes to the realisation that magic is a thing that belongs in stories, and not in real life at all. The message Magic or Not? If you believe that every person deserves our good will, and that any day can be an adventure if you look at it right, this may be a book for you. Feb 16, Tiff rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-science-fiction. The overall theme concentrated on, just as the title suggests, the kids' mainly Laura and James frames of mind and their search for whether or not magic really existed? The scariest part might have been when they found themselves in an empty cottage with the presence of someone they couldn't quite see.

    Otherwise, the book is very down to earth; the author built a steady and soothing Magic or Not? Otherwise, the book is very down to earth; the author built a steady and soothing rhythm and rhyme; as well as keeping the reader wondering to the very end whether or not magic really existed! This is probably a book more suitable for older kids, maybe age years old. One main reason for this is because the tone of voice is very transcendental and stream of consciousness-like, which might not capture the attention of younger kids as much.

    This is the fifth book in the Tales of Magic series by Edward Eager. I thought it was pretty humorous that the first book in the series, Half Magic , is mentioned as one of Laura's favorite books and that "just about everyone has" read it. Also, the illustrator's sketches highlight and Magic or not? Jul 09, Eowyn rated it really liked it.

    Hmm, this was fun to read out loud and very well-written as all Edward Eager's books are. Great girl and boy characters and I love how they work together and interact, especially since two of them are siblings. But there really isn't any magic in this book--it's more about kids creating magic and adventure for themselves. And they do have adventures and meet all sorts of people and effect change in their community and it's all very fun and charming. I think I just prefer the ones like Knight's C Hmm, this was fun to read out loud and very well-written as all Edward Eager's books are.

    Magic or Not? (Tales of Magic, #5) by Edward Eager

    I think I just prefer the ones like Knight's Castle or Half Magic where there really is magic even if it's unpredictable and doesn't work out the way the kids hope. Also I was more aware of the old-fashioned-ness of this book, maybe because it's set in the late 50s and tries to be a bit hip for the time. Still love these books! Sep 14, Bart Everson rated it really liked it Shelves: aloud , kiddie. I love it because of how fun it is, the slow love story, and the excellent writing. The plot sounds like it could happen tomorrow, or it's something that had really happened — just ever so slightly off from the actual world we live in.

    I love how the characters develop in the novel as well. It takes place in the South and discusses the mysterious things that happen with some Southern belles — including the fact that they do not age. Definitely give these a read!! For instance, I love a diary or journal, which is the form of one of my all-time favorite books: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. The protagonist and narrator, Cassandra Mortmain, is 17 when we first meet her, [and she has] been given a diary to write her thoughts in. She looks to her family, home life, and English village for inspiration and subject matter.

    As she introduces us to her life, we also learn who she is and what she yearns for — even as she struggles to identify it. She grows up, sometimes painfully, throughout the book and learns perspective and maturity even as we cringe at her misadventures, just as she does in remembering. The first time, I was close in age and similarly frustrated with my life.

    Later, as I worked out my choices and made some mistakes, I wished I could spare Cassandra some of her heartache, but in the end she has to make her own choice. The characters are flawed and complex and real in a way I love and miss in many other novels.

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    This is a book I would recommend to anyone at any age. There's magic and sisterly humor, and everything is a little creepy but super fun. There are dragons and all those good things!! I adore [the main character] Allan Karlsson, who ditches his own th birthday party to find a more unique adventure — one he himself had no idea he was in for. A young British actress, Celia, is hired to perform her first leading role in a play, written by a long-deceased playwright, at a beautiful, old Italian villa.

    The origin of magic is currently unknown, but Alice Quinn stated that it was created at the beginning of time by the Old Gods. The wellspring self-replenishes itself when functioning normally and has a filtration system. God Magic is power that comes from a god. Gods or deities do not draw power from the wellspring but posses a seed of power within them to produce their own incredible source of magic. God magic can be transferred from a deity to a human, as when Alice and Julia were granted temporary enhanced power to the level of a Master Magician.

    A human can be given the power of a god permanently as in Julia Wicker's case when she was awarded Reynard the fox's seed of power by Our Lady Underground, after her resolve and change of mind to not kill Reynard. If the magic of the wellspring has stopped flowing eliminating the means for magicians to practice magic magicians with god magic implanted within them can bypass this limitation - therefor giving them the ability to still practice magic and eventually harness it on equal levels to that of a god. Once fully developed a human with a source of god magic, can apophysis into a full god.

    However their power can be surrendered by creating something with every atom of their being. Even without their power a god is still unaging and almost unkillable. Their magic gives them great longevity. They can live for hundreds of years, longer than even the Dwarves of Fillory. Fairy magic is much more powerful and capable than that of normal magic and considered darker.