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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Training - Course Outline

Helpful resources. Community Forums. Ask a question. Customizing Dynamics NAV Discover different ways to customize the application to give you and your colleagues access to the features, functionality, and data that you need most. Rakesh Gupta asked a question on 24 May PM. The Navision product sold primarily in Denmark until From Navision version 3 the product was distributed in other European countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom.

"Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV" by David Studebaker – Dynamics NAV Tech & NAV in Baltic

In the first version of Navision based on Microsoft Windows 95 was released. In October , Microsoft released Dynamics NAV , which was available with the RTC only, and introduced support for bit Windows operating systems as well as a redesign of storing dimension sets, interoperability with SharePoint, and a web client. In October , Microsoft released NAV features enhancements in reporting and email integration, deferral accounting, and posting preview function. The product itself has gone through several name changes over the time. Internationally it was sold as "Navision", except in the U.

NAV R2 includes a free report editor. NAV also supports the OData format.

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Versions R2 and later allow the default restriction of 5, records to be changed via editing a config file. In multi-person offices, in the absence of either of these options, it can lead to confusion when attempting to help individuals who may have wildly different screen layouts and settings. Roles are assigned either per user or by groups. Individual users can customise their toolbar and navigation pane, or administrators can customise the layouts for all users in a given Profile; they can then disable individual customisation for users in that Profile.

The Web Client does not require any special add-ins and works on computers and mobile devices alike. The report-building and database access that had been previously available with the Classic Client is still available and used as development tool to modify the system by customers and by a reseller consultant. Relative to Microsoft's other 3 ERP products, the Dynamics NAV's sector is for small distribution and manufacturing companies that want more than "out of the box" functionality.

Very few installations are actually made "out of the box" as all sales of the product are through Microsoft-approved resellers who base their entire businesses on how many consulting hours they can apply to any given installation. The solution has a standard feature set, but it can also be thought of as an "ERP System construction set" if, at the end of the installation, you want to end up with every erector piece that was in the box still attached to your system. A better analogy would be to think of the NAV program as a 4'x8' sheet of pegboard, with 4, evenly spaced holes.

It is used to cover various sized company boxes, ranging in size from shoebox, through pizza box, knockdown furniture box, up to double-doored refrigerator box. No matter the size box the underlying company is, the 4'x8' sheet of pegboard remains the same. It then becomes the reseller's job to link up whichever pegholes are needed to the specific company under the interface. Sujit is someone I will come back to for assistance in the future!

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I really enjoyed working with Kevin and the infamous Canadian courtesies He is an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic programmer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his commitment to the Project and look forward to working with him again!

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