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Amen and Amen! This is the contradiction that a reactionary Faith that is almost purely against things causes.

Deuteronomy 11:10

The reactionary nature then of the Protestant church has caused us to neglect in meaningful ways categories of singleness and the infertile. Surrendering to a call to celibacy is an area of practice virtually unheard of in the modern Protestant Church…. The point that I am making here is to demonstrate that both in Scripture and in early church history there is the idea that there are some who make a conscious choice to not engage in marriage in order to dedicate themselves to Christ and the churches service as a way of life. One of my modern heroes in the faith, Amy Carmichael , was such a person.

She had the opportunity to marry in the early years of her mission work. I believe she was still in the Orient during that time, before she relocated to India, where the bulk of her work was done. Both her and the gentleman had obvious feelings and leanings towards one another, working closely together in mission. She saw women and children saved from temple slavery, gave them new names, and she taught them a pattern of life to follow. She still teaches us today if we will listen.

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These same things can be said about children and married couple who are infertile. Infertile couples who desire children are called to adoption as a way of extending the Kingdom of God. Discipleship and Christian Discipline Part 1. Discipleship and Christian Discipline Part 2. Discipleship and Christian Discipline Part 3. Once someone crosses the thresh-hold of adulthood as a generous, self-sacrificial, and stable person, the ordinary means of multiplying and filling the earth is first marriage and then children.

Yes, there is grace and forgiveness from God for breaking this order. We do not live in a perfectly moral world. Christians themselves are being progressively sanctified throughout this life, and so they are not perfectly moral people. But grace and forgiveness do not erase consequence. Violations of created order come with consequences, often massive ones that remain with us most or all of our lives. But more on that later. Adam and Eve were to remain in the Garden of Eden. Family is the first place children should observe fruitful people in a fruitful community.

It is also the best place to learn about the subduing of the earth that has already been done my humans before them.

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We call the first marriage, and we call the second education. Marriage and families should be formed by two fruitful people. Community calls for massive amounts of public generosity and self-sacrifice. But both those can be seen and celebrated by others in their public capacity, and so they have a reward attached to them. Marriage, the source and building block of all culture and community require private generosity and self-sacrifice, and so they go largely unseen. It is the children of the virtuous woman that rise up and call her blessed.

It is possible highly probably in our society for her to be thought of as an undesirable moral prude by her neighbors. Men and women of biblical integrity are not likely to move easily through a corporate business structure due to their unwillingness to live an unauthentic and pragmatic existence.

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Doing good often comes with a price hear on the earth. Christ's birth takes on new meaning and sheds new light on the place where the star shone so brightly. Fearlessly and powerfully, he gave God's message that judgment awaits nations living in luxury and lolling in immorality.

But the other group comes before it and finds the power of God unto salvation. Download Death of a Little Child Dr. McGee shares the comfort God gave to him during the heartrending experience of losing his firstborn daughter. Over the years it has been a help to countless grieving parents who need a word of comfort in a lonely and dark hour. Download Evolution and You or Why God Hated Esau Obadiah The rejection of God's revelation and the acceptance of the theory of evolution as a fact of science was the great delusion of the twentieth century. Pride is the attitude of those who declare their independence from God.

Jesus answers His disciples' questions concerning the last days: 1 "When shall these things be? McGee's delightful message on Jesus' encounter with the despised tax collector, Zacchaeus. A clear presentation of salvation. Are they from God? How do we get them?

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What is their purpose? McGee answers these questions and more. Includes a clear presentation of the gospel. McGee likens the bells to a believer's verbal convictions and pomegranates to the fruit of a believer's life. An encouraging and motivating message.

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Download Grace in Three Time Zones Titus 2 The three time zones are the past when salvation appeared in the person of Christ; the present when the Holy Spirit teaches and empowers us to live for Christ; and the future when the blessed hope becomes a reality. All of this is by His grace. Download The Greatest Sin in All the World Hosea This message has its background in Hosea's heartbreak over his unfaithful wife, Gomer--who sold herself into harlotry--and her restoration.

McGee draws parallels to God's dealings with the nation Israel. Download Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures Dr. McGee's introduction to his 5-year Bible study through the entire Word of God. Joshua 22 Dr. McGee correlates Israel's experience of passing over the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land with our experience of lives transformed through identification with the risen Christ.

Download He is Coming Again! John Presents the second coming of Christ in contrast to His first coming--the Christmas yet to come. A very helpful clarification of the two comings of Christ. McGee examines the intriguing clues given to us in Scripture along with an explanation of what an ambassador for the Lord should do.

While we may not be able to fully comprehend all the mysteries of the Trinity, we can at least stand on the fringe of this great truth and worship. Download How It All Began Genesis The intrusion of human hypotheses regarding our origins has produced a babel of voices drowning out the very clear voice of God in the Book of Genesis.

Man has tried three ways — two of which are wrong and one that leads to wonderful, sweet fellowship with God the Father. Have you put on the armor God provides in order to avoid being defeated in your Christian life? Can we know for certain that we are saved? Before the curtain falls on man's little day, God lets us hear the strains of the finale in Revelation , Download Is Capital Punishment Christian?

McGee turns to both the Old and New Testaments to find the answer. Hebrews In an honest search for its meaning, Dr. McGee tackles this confusing and difficult passage of Scripture, which is oftentimes skipped over by Bible commentators. Download Isaiah: His Call and Commission Isaiah 6 The good king was dead, and Isaiah felt hopeless about the future -- until he discovered the true Ruler of his nation was alive and well and overruling in the affairs of this world!

Then Isaiah saw himself as God saw him, repented, and was ready for his commission. When all of the props had been knocked out from under him, he learned that the love of Christ could hold him up. Download Jonah: Dead or Alive? Is it for today? The prayer, examined statement by statement, answers that question. Why don't You do something about it? Download Listen to a Picture Luke 15 A delightful retelling of the story of the prodigal son underscores that it is not about a sinner who gets saved, but about our wonderful Father God who will take back a son who sins.

McGee considered Romans 8 to be one of the greatest chapters of the Bible. The Lord Jesus removed each of those masks, because He dealt with plain ol' Nicky—and He deals with us—just as we are. McGee turns to John 3 as his Scripture text for this message. McGee points to several Scriptures that provide valuable insights and guidance. Only Micaiah, the forgotten prophet, gave him God's true message--even though it meant imprisonment. A thrilling example of fulfilled prophecy. Download The Millennium Isaiah Dr.

McGee's sermon that answers questions about the Millennial Kingdom such as What? A thrilling and encouraging prophecy about the future of our earth when Christ Himself reigns as King. Download The Offense of the Cross Galatians The cross of Christ is an aesthetic offense, an intellectual offense, and an offense to our pride.

Why is the cross necessary? Download On Eagles' Wings Exodus Tells the story of the way Israel achieved freedom--from slavery in Egypt to security in the land of promise on the eagles' wings of God's grace--in the same way God delivers us from sin. It is a great and majestic song of David written during the darkest experience of his life. McGee shows the difference between the Rapture of the church from this earth and the revelation of Christ, when He will return to set up His earthly kingdom.

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Download The Rose Parade of Resurrection This message presents the resurrection of all believers as a parade, each group in its own chronological division. McGee also covers the reality and proofs of the resurrection. Download Satan: Who is He? Even though their job was to build up the company name by serving its customers and fulfilling its wishes, they had merely been working for the paycheck by meeting the requirements they thought would keep them in good graces with the company.

They needed to aim higher. Living fruitfully requires a similar change in the altitude of our focus. We need to aim higher. We are accepted in Christ! So our focus is off target. When showing the world around us who He is becomes our goal, the fruits that please Him become a natural byproduct.

The purpose of fruitful living is to know and magnify God and to point others to Him. What an adventure it will be! You are a very goid writer. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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