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In a very real way, he is trying to deliver his race as much as he is trying to save a neighborhood. The chapter looks at the overall [and generalized] culture of blacks vs. And the same way that this went bad, that it went from kids being respectful and decent to kids being disrespectful and indecent, I think it can go good. Chapter 5 begins to ask the tough questions of what can a school actually do and accomplish.


One, accelerate kids by exposing them to a whole lot more instruction. Two, a business model was absolutely essential for the Promise Academy, and the entire organization. Canada believed the best way to achieve that goal was to act not like a bighearted altruist but like a ruthless capitalist, devoted to the bottom line. Three, a huge focus on results.

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Sadly, it is here that we begin to see the brutal of realities of millions of dollars invested, thousands of hours spent, and success,only in lowering more test scores than it raised. Either Levin was right, and the best approach was to take the inner-city ten-year-olds who really wanted to learn and give them a concentrated, life-changing dose of high-quality education in middle school, or Canada was right, and the only way to save large numbers of poor children in a neighborhood like Harlem was to give them all a high-quality education, even the least motivated and least prepared, beginning at a very young age, and to do it in the context of a boader transformation of the entire community.

No contract, no grace period, nothing. Pinder took the job anyway. If we try to reach the stars, we will land on the moon. Early disadvantage, if left untreated, leads to academic and social difficulties in later years. Advantages accumulate; so do disadvantages.

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And the faster you shot the cannonball , the farther it would travel before falling to earth. They can feel so overwhelmed that they stop performing, or they can take that frustration and use it to push themselves to be better. Many of our communities are filled with people who got frustrated and stopped. These children need to get frustrated and keep going.

I want the children to be frustrated at this point. Chapter 10 tells the story of a graduation ceremony, again highlighting the joys and challenges of their efforts.

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And therein lies the tension. And with that, a fierce dedication to do all that can be done. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, and am thankful for the educational experience, vicariously through this story. May I not just learn the lessons intellectually, but may this awaken a new discipline, a new passion for our kids, and to achieve results in new ways.

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    Equality of Educational Opportunity. The Coleman Report Jencks, Christopher. Jencks, Christopher, Meredith Phillips. Heckman, James. Schools, Skills, and Synapses. Mayer, Susan. Murray, Charles and Richard J. Murray, Charles. Moynihan, Daniel Patrick. Newman, Katherine S. Phillips, Meredith. Rothstein, Richard. Thernstrom, Abigail and Stephan.

    Wilson, William Julius. The Truly Disadvantaged. July 3, Awesome review. I enjoined every bit of words and review.. My class used this book in Grad school as a guide to look at the visionary that J.

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    Canada is using. Thumbs up on this book! March 18, Admiring the time and energy you put into your site and in depth information you provide. Excellent read! November 22, All the time follow your heart. April 1, Reblogged this on Wolf of Revelation. Some studies have even suggested that college can even be fairly accurately predicted of a child under the age […].

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    You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. RSS - Posts. Posted on November 28, 7. NOTES AND COMMENTS: Instead of coming up with a menu of well-meaning programs and then trying to figure out what they accomplished and how they fit together, what if he started with the outcomes he wanted to achieve and then worked backward from there, changing and tweaking and overhauling programs until they actually produced the right results?

    When it comes to the objects of his focus, He would need to select a single geographical area and devote all of his energies to that one place. The Black-White Score Test Gap The more significant advantages that middle-class children gain, these researchers argue, come from more elusive processes: the language that their parents use, the attitudes toward life that they convey.

    This […].

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    Grant Cardone 3 years ago. Who will have Whatever It Takes? Who will bring illegal drugs into the office? Who will be tongue-tied in […]. This is how Grant finds great people. One guy calls himself the fire breathing sales dragon. Another a […]. Watch the contestants go through contraband, grueling physical challenges, and selling on the streets […]. Everyone says they have whatever it takes, that they are the best of the best and that they can deliver, but when Grant […]. The other 4 are his top producers.